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Helium Balloons Sydney

When you think of parties, 3 images typically spring to mind, and they’re presents, cake and balloons. This is enough proof to say that most people immediately make a link between balloons and joyous occasions.

So, if you’re planning a party, ensure to add helium balloons to your party supplies list. No party is complete without some helium inflated balloons brightening up the room. Children and adults alike both love balloons and the sight of a collection of colourful helium latex balloons is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Whatever party or special occasions or corporate function you are planning, Balloon Elegance can cater for all your balloon requirements. Whether you are planning a party well in advance or you urgently need birthday helium balloons, we can help you out. We offer a 7-day balloon service, with one of the largest selections of balloons of any Sydney balloons provider.


Helium Balloons for Celebrations of all Kinds

Balloon Elegance provides helium gas balloons in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. Our 12cm (5’’), 22cm (9’’) and 28cm (11’’) balloons are a great choice for birthday parties, office celebrations and other low-key events. For bigger events, make a statement with a large helium balloon from our selection of 90cm (3’), 75cm (30’’) and 60cm (24’’) balloons.

Whatever your party theme or colour scheme, we can offer suitable helium balloons. Our balloons come in a range of different colours including standard colours, metallic gold and silver and jewel tones like Sapphire Red and Emerald Green. You can also get the latest, fashionable colours such as Periwinkle, Chocolate Brown and Wild Berry as well as pastel and radiant pearl shades. We even offer multi-coloured Superagate balloons for those that love a pop of colour.

Party Helium Balloons in Sydney

Brighten up the room with our microfoil balloons that are available in various different shapes and sizes. We can provide personalised helium balloons too. Talk to us about the colours, shapes, sizes or messages you would like and we will do our best to design and deliver balloons to fit your specific requirements. Our range of products doesn’t just stop at balloons.

As the best balloons provider in Sydney, we also offer helium balloons party supplies such as a party balloon helium tank and can recommend specialist providers of unique floral arrangements, scrumptious desert bars, lolly buffets or amazing food styling.

Whether you are planning a small children's party or an important business function, Balloon Elegance can provide you with the party balloon décor that you need to make the day a memorable one in terms of the decorating. We can provide custom themed balloons or elegant balloons that will really impress your guests.

We’re here to ensure that you get the balloon décor that you want so please get in touch with us today if you can’t see what you need on our website. For the affordable helium balloons and a wide range of related balloon services, choose Balloon Elegance.

Helium Balloons, Large and Small

Helium balloons take your party to a whole new level. These exciting balloons are just so much fun; they’re fascinating, and they create a magical stir among both adults and children alike. Our helium balloons are available in latex and foil and come in a range of colours and shapes to light up your event.

At Balloon Elegance we can offer custom helium balloons in both large and small sizes. We also create and set up wonderful helium balloon displays, incorporating your event theme. Whatever your requirement, we are happy to furnish you with professionally designed helium balloon arrangements.

While there is no doubt about the fantastic advantages balloon decorations can bring to any celebration, the greatest advantage is that the costs for decorating with balloons is far more reasonable than any other popular form of decorating , making them an ideal way to jazz up your celebration without breaking the bank.

Lighter Than Air

Helium filled balloons are just so much fun. Helium gas is lighter than air and so with a little weighting down to ensure they don’t float away entirely, they will hover above the ground to create an almost magical air of fantasy. They are an excellent choice for events such as weddings and birthday parties and can also be used for a number of other occasions.

Available in various shapes and sizes, foil helium balloons can be delivered inflated, as they remain inflated for at least 72 hours indoors, while latex helium balloons are better suited to being inflated on site as they tend to only hold the air for up to 9 hours indoors and 3 - 4 hours outdoors.

Advantages of Helium Filled Balloons

Mylar foil balloons come in stars, heart shapes, circles, giant numbers, or simply balloon shaped, making them ideal for announcing the theme or purpose of your event. Helium filled foil balloons are an eye-catching decoration to have at your event, or to send as a gift.

On the other hand, latex balloons offer far more limited choices of shape. Helium balloons float higher than latex balloons once filled with air, and the mylar foil balloons can be refilled with additional helium gas, while latex balloons once filled with air, cannot be refilled.

Should you be thinking of a bouquet, helium bouquets are about the most fun you can get out of a balloon delivery. Both latex and mylar foil balloons can be personalised with printed messages, designs, or graphics.

Light up your recipient’s face when they receive their personalised helium bouquet. If you do not wish to have anything printed on the balloons, a personal message such as an apology, a proposal, a congratulatory message or any other message you wish to transmit can also be attached to the weight-down object.

There are many ways in which you can use helium balloon bouquets, and when it comes to surprising someone with a bouquet, here at Balloon Elegance we will do it for you best. Please get in touch online and fill in your order form or call us on 0415 977 650. You may also send an email to maureen@balloonelegance.com.au with your requirements or queries.

Balloon Elegance sells balloons for a variety of events & parties in Sydney. We can provide corporate balloons for company events or custom printed balloons for special occasions. Browse our website further or contact us for more details.

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