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Core to the success of any event or party is the choice of decorations. Balloons instantly brighten up an event space and help to create a really fun, cheerful atmosphere. They are pretty much the top choice of decoration on any party planner’s list. Readmore…

Tulle Balloons Sydney

Balloons with tulle decorations are so on trend right now. At Balloon Elegance, the number of orders that we process that include tulle balloons is constantly increasing. They add such a fabulous touch of elegance to any party or event, with the tulle adding a simple but creative element to a partygoer’s best-loved decoration – balloons!

Tulle Covered Balloons

So delicate and ever so pretty, tulle covered balloons are a beautiful, elegant way to add a real touch of class to your party. They are especially popular for weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, birthday parties for little princes and princesses and grand, corporate affairs. Balloon Elegance offer a variety of different tulle wrapped balloons for your parties and events.

  • We can cater to custom requirements and add tassels and garlands to your balloons to ensure they really stand out.
  • Tulle balloons can make for a truly stunning table centrepiece while also serving as an impressive piece of décor at venue entrances and doorways.
  • Our customers also like to hang tulle balloons from the ceiling of the venue or line the walkways, dance floors and walls with them.
  • We can even add confetti and lights to your tulle balloons for those very special occasions.

At Balloon Elegance, we don’t just offer the best tulle balloons Sydney has to offer; we’ve got an incredible extensive range of balloon decorations for you to choose from. Whatever your colour scheme, whatever your theme, we can customise balloons and party décor to suit your requirements.

Tulle Balloons in Sydney for all Occasions

Choose from foil and helium latex balloons in a range of standard colours, fashion colours, pastel shades, pearl tones, bright neon colours, classic metallic shades and multi-coloured Superagate balloons. We offer a vast range of shapes and sizes, including some super statement giant sized balloons. Balloon Elegance can also provide confetti balloons, balloon walls, themed balloons, balloon bouquets, balloon arches, projection balloons, balloon presentations, balloon garlands and balloon columns. Our creativity knows no bounds when it comes to balloon décor. For the best range of balloon services Sydney can offer, be sure to contact Balloon Elegance. We cater for both private and corporate clients, offering deliveries 7 days a week. Feel free to get in touch with us for expert advice and assistance when it comes to choosing the right décor for your upcoming party or event.

Balloons are the ultimate decoration when celebrating a special occasion, and tulle balloons are a great twist on Australia’s most widely used party decoration. No matter the theme, type of event or colour scheme, tulle balloons bring joy, brightness and class to a room.

As a leading retailer of tulle balloons in Sydney, we understand that our customers need to have a wide collection of different styles, colours and sizes to choose from. That said; we’re dedicated to offering a great selection of high-quality tulle balloons so that our customers can find the perfect balloons to compliment their other decorations.

Stylish & Elegant Tulle Covered Balloons

Tulle wrapped balloons are bang on trend and are perfect for all kinds of events including;

  • Christenings
  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Baby showers
  • Engagement parties
  • Corporate events
  • Charity fundraisers

Balloons with tulle are truly elegant and can be used as a table centrepiece or placed at both sides of a doorway to entice guests into a celebration or event. They can be customised to the exact height that you need and can be matched with any of our other types of balloons to create a stunning balloon bouquet.

High Quality Tulle Balloons at Affordable Prices

With over 14 years in the balloon décor industry, we can help you to find the perfect tulle covered balloons to compliment your theme of choice. We’re dedicated to offering the very best products and service to our customers and staying on top of new balloon trends is just one of the ways that keeps us top of the pack when it comes to high quality and affordable tulle balloons in Sydney. 

We can custom our tulle balloons with confetti, lights, garlands and tassels to ensure you achieve the perfect look that you want to create. Our creativity knows no bounds when it comes to balloon décor, as it’s what we love to do so feel free to contact us today for a free on-site no obligation consultation.

During this consultation, we’ll talk about the finished look that you hope to achieve and we’ll work with you to create the perfect tulle balloons that will look amazing at your event. If you need some inspiration, we can help you choose the perfect colour and size of balloons. We can advise you as to the amount of tulle balloons you’d need and we can help you in terms of deciding on balloon height and placement.

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Let us help you make your special occasion extra special with some custom tulle balloons. Our designs are exciting and unique, and we promise that you’ll love our creations.  Call us today for more info on tulle balloons or any of our products.
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