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Jumbo balloons sure are interesting to look at.  These types of decorations are highly sought after at events and parties because they are just so attractive.  You just cannot help but marvel at the beauty of a huge balloon that has been carefully decorated with balloon clusters, tulle and other types of decorative elements.  These balloons are, however, quite tough to come by.  Very few stores sell them, and when you do manage to find a giant balloon, you probably won’t find the colour you need.

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Buy Jumbo Balloons in Sydney

At Balloon Elegance, we sell a wide range of giant balloons.  You can order yours in any colour and design and can even get your giant balloons custom printed or as part of a balloon bouquet for table décor.   Our giant balloons are perfect for all types of celebrations, including;

  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Wedding celebrations
  • Bridal showers
  • Baby showers
  • Corporate functions
  • Corporate marketing events
  • Festive parties
  • Photoshoots

Why Choose Giant Balloons in Sydney for Your Next Celebration?

When it comes to décor, you have quite a few options to consider especially since there are so many different types of balloon decorations including tulle, helium, confetti, tassel and more available at Balloon Elegance Sydney. We feel strongly that giant balloons are some of the best choices for decorations for the following major reasons.

Unique decorations – These decorations certainly will stand out from other ordinary décor types that most people use.  A Jumbo balloon is a rare find and as such is always a unique feature.

A major attraction – These big balloons pop in colour, and you just cannot help but look at them whenever you see them.

Beautiful – By adding a few simple decorative touches such as normal-sized balloons, ribbons, bows, tassels or tulle you can make truly remarkable balloon decorations.

Many uses – These gigantic balloons can be used for various concepts such as the following;

  • They are perfect for décor at major events
  • They can be used as gifts to cheer others up at hospitals
  • The balloons are also a handy photo prop in photo shoots, especially for those birthday shoots that are so cute.
  • You can also use your balloon to send a special message as our balloons can be custom printed with a unique message.
  • Those giant balloons work perfectly at dining venues and certainly give your tables a unique look when used as centrepieces.
  • Businesses can add any logo or message to the giant balloons and use them to promote a special event or to create brand awareness.

Get Your Large Balloons in Sydney Delivered to Your Doorstep

One of the best reasons to choose Balloon Elegance for your entire balloon decorating needs is that we deliver across Sydney.  Simply order your balloons and give us your requirements and special instruction and we will get your chosen balloons delivered at your venue or home in time for the big party.  We deliver 7 days a week and are always open for any special requests you may have with regards to these fabulous decorations.

Balloon Elegance sells balloons for a variety of events & parties in Sydney. We can provide corporate balloons for company events or custom printed balloons for special occasions. Browse our website further or contact us for more details.

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