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Wedding Personalised Balloon Decorations

Whatever wedding venue you’ve chosen for your upcoming wedding day, say “I Do” to wedding balloons as your wedding decorations. Balloons will add the perfect pop of colour and element of fun to your very special day. Read more…

They are quite simply the ultimate wedding prop. Why? Because balloons are totally customisable and they come in an assortment of colours, sizes and shapes, making them one of the most versatile wedding decorations available.

Wedding Balloon Decorations

There literally are wedding balloon decorations to suit every wedding theme from the traditional wedding to the outdoor extravaganza. Think oversized balloons, letter balloons that spell out “MR.” and “MRS.”, love heart balloons, giant confetti balloons and tassel balloons with lights – the options are endless.

The greatest thing about wedding balloons decorations is that they are very cost effective, easy to source and they are visually stunning.

Balloon Elegance is proud to be among the leading providers of balloons wedding décor in the wider Sydney area. Our wedding balloons come in a variety of shapes and colours to match countless wedding themes.

Our creativity knows no bounds and we love to work with couples to create personalised wedding balloons that fit their desired look and the distinct character of their wedding venue. We can supply every possible wedding balloon decoration that you can think of including:

  • Giant wedding balloons
  • Tassel balloons
  • Confetti balloons
  • Metallic helium balloons
  • Balloon columns
  • Balloon arches
  • Balloon bouquets
  • Tulle wrapped balloons
  • Projection orb balloons
  • Table centre pieces
  • Ceiling balloon clouds
  • Balloon walls

You will struggle to find a provider in Sydney who can match our range of wedding balloons, competitive prices and outstanding customer service.

Wedding Balloons Sydney

Make your wedding photos extra fun and special by adding oversized balloons to your wedding party shots. You could also position some letter balloons above the top table to spell out your name and that of your new spouse. To get an awesome bridal party photo, give them a balloon and get them to stand together and release the balloons simultaneously for a memorable moment.

We have been providing couples across the wider Sydney area with the most creative and visually stunning wedding balloon displays and décor for many, many years. Our experience in the industry enables us to provide expert advice and guidance to couples in choosing the right weddings balloons and decorations for their big day.

Balloon Elegance works alongside many creative stylists to provide our customers with access to a wide range of wedding venue styling, decorations and supplies. Whether you require rare floral arrangements, a full stocked candy cart, scrumptious desert bars, or food styling, we can direct you to the right vendor.

For expert advice and assistance in choosing wedding balloons for your big day, feel free to call the Balloon Elegance team today.

Balloons for Elegance

Flowers have been the staple of weddings for centuries and are still a personal favourite with many bridal couples. An increasingly growing number of couples however, now opt to go for wedding balloon decorations, recognising that they can be beautiful, elegant and far most cost effective than flowers.

At Balloon Elegance, we’d like to introduce you to the world of elegant glamour that wedding balloons can bring to your event. From simple elegance to chic sophistication, we can make your wedding event decor outstanding and memorable.

Creating A Fantasy

Wedding balloon decor can create a fantasy, and our design team here at Balloon Elegance strive to bring your fantasy to your wedding decor, in line with the spirit of this celebration. We have many years of experience in creating the most sensational wedding decor for wedding events.

Unlike in the past, there are so many more options to choose from when it comes to using balloons for your wedding decor. Balloons today come in all shapes, colours and sizes, allowing balloon decorators to use them far more creatively, in place of many of the traditional flower arrangements.

What do you wish to bring to life? Talk to us and let us know what your inspiration is and allow us to create it for your special day. We have plenty of experience in seeing our client’s wedding dreams realised. 

A Little Help From Us

If balloons tickle your fantasy and you have thought about having them for your wedding decor, there are many ways you can use them. We at Balloon Elegance have brought fun and fantasy to a good number of wedding events through our wedding balloons.

 We would like to offer a little help in sharing ideas for adding to your wedding theme:

  • Wedding Venue Entryways - create spectacular entryways
  • Wedding Reception Decoration - bring an air of fantasy
  • Cake Table Decoration - adorn the wedding cake table with balloons
  • Cake Decoration - create a cake centrepiece
  • Wedding Backdrops - fill in an empty space
  • Wedding Table Numbers - mylar foil table numbers
  • Wedding message - create messages using letter balloons
  • Wedding balloon release - in place of traditional confetti
  • Wedding car balloons - perfect adornment for the ‘Just Married’ bumper sticker.

These are just some of the many ways you can make your wedding event special. Why not go for all-out balloon wedding decorations instead of the traditional flowers? Your event can be turned into a beautiful world of magic and we would be pleased if you could afford us the opportunity to be a part of creating it.

Balloon Elegance will create the most spectacular and satisfying decor for your wedding event. We do the best wedding balloons in Sydney. To get a consultation or a quote, kindly give us a call on 0415 977 650 or email us at maureen@balloonelegance.com.au and let us help you turn your wedding into a dream.

Balloon Elegance sells balloons for a variety of events & parties in Sydney. We can provide corporate balloons for company events or custom printed balloons for special occasions. Browse our website further or contact us for more details.

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