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Now that you have decided to have something beautiful created from balloon art decoration for your special occasion, like a true artist you must consider your empty canvas and visualise what you’d like to see come to life.

As you consider both your event and your preferences, we’d like to offer some basic advice to guide you on how to best select the perfect balloon setting for your event.

In order to create something special and uniquely yours, we advise that you first make some basic considerations, such as:

  • The nature of the event. Is it for adults or children? Is it formal, or relaxed?
  • Next, consider what theme you wish to have. A theme guides the choice of balloon material, colours and shape.
  • Consider your space and location, the environment in which you wish to set up our decoration.
  • Lastly consider extras like customising with printed messages, or whatever frills you’d like to add on to add that touch of pizzaz.
  • Consider your budget. Knowing how much you want to spend will guide you on what options would be available to you within your budget range.

However, you may just be happy to go along with something you’ve seen in our catalogue. We’re more than happy to deliver, just give us your preferred colour scheme and balloon style, and we will replicate it for you in line with your requirements.

A balloon decoration can also be embellished with any number of items such as strings, stickers, flowers, and ribbons to customise it and make it special and uniquely different.

You will find our costs are reasonable and we offer delivery service anywhere within the Sydney area, seven days a week. We can also do same-day-delivery if you place your order early enough in the day. We would be pleased to hear from you, to allow us serve you.

To let us have your order, please get in touch with us online, call us on 0415 977 650 or kindly send an email to [email protected].

We provide an efficient 7 day service, use only the highest quality balloons and we offer unique and exciting designs. Surprise someone special today with a balloon bouquet Sydney delivery from Balloon Elegance.